What Do Pretzels Symbolize?

By Boardwalk Food Company on September 21, 2022

Pretzels have a fun history and symbolize several things: prosperity, good fortune, undying love, and more. Depending on the context, they can have several meanings. Let’s explore the symbolic significance of pretzels.

Pretzel Origins

The oldest of pretzels date back to the 7th century, well before anybody thought to make them crispy, salty, or with beer flavors. With something that ancient, we could only estimate that they were made in Northern Italy, close to the French border.

Of course, it was the German immigrants who made pretzels famous in 19th century America. They arrived in Pennsylvania with the original soft pretzels that became a tremendous hit but were hard to preserve, which is what gave the impetus to make hard pretzels. You can learn more about the development of crispy pretzels by this post on the world’s oldest snack.

Why Do Pretzels Have Three Holes?

Pretzels have a fascinating religious origin, both in terms of their composition and shape. The Catholic Church promoted pretzel consumption during Lent because they came from nothing but flour and water. Some contend that the classic three-hold appearance had the purpose of bringing honor to the Holy Trinity. This was a popular motif in multiple Christian cultures since the Church liked to teach and explain the thrice-ness of the Trinity even with mundane objects like pretzels or three-leafed clovers.

Pretzels for Weddings

Then there was the tradition of giving pretzels to one another at weddings to exemplify “tying the knot.” Even to this day, pretzel makers sell these as popular gifts for lovers on holidays like Valentine’s Day. As we mentioned, giving one another pretzels during Lent was once the prelude to exchanging eggs on Easter, particularly in places like Germany and France.

How Do I get Craft Pretzels from Boardwalk Food Company?

We have our own approach to making crispy and crunchy pretzels, only ours go way beyond the standard flavors. We infuse them with four tasty beer-inspired flavors

  • Beer Cheese
  • IPA
  • Pilsner
  • Sweet & Spicy Sriracha

You can get the individualized 4-ounce bags, the larger 8-ounce bags, and we also sell them in combination packages. That way if you aren’t sure of your favorite, and want to sample a little of everything, you can do so.

Boardwalk Food Company Is happy to ship these tasty treats to you whether you want them wholesale for your brewery, or for your family. Pretzels have come a long way since their humble and fascinating origin. If you’d like to learn more about our products, you’re welcome to contact us anytime.

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