The History of Beer Cheese

By Boardwalk Food Company on May 2, 2022

Boardwalk Food Company proudly carries five delicious beer pretzel flavors: Beer Cheese, Sweet and Spicy Sriracha, Stout, IPA, and Pilsner. While the latter three are popular beer varieties, you may be less familiar with the novel Beer Cheese flavor. We’d like to explain a few things about it, including its origin and why it’s so popular with our many clients who stock their bars with them.

What is Beer Cheese?

Beer cheese is basically a spreadable, cheddar-cheese substance that they first made in Kentucky during the 1930s. You might recall how pretzels and beer became a winning combination when folks were rebelling against Prohibition in those days. Beer cheese became popular at roughly that same time, as people would eat it with crackers and beer.

What’s in it? Beer Cheese usually includes ingredients like cheddar/processed cheese, cayenne pepper, garlic, and mustard powder. You would include an abstract of flattened beer to give it that special beer component. While we don’t use beer directly in our Beer Cheese pretzels (it’s a seasoning), there is something called “Drunken Cheese,” where you mix beer with cheese curds.

It’s also possible to melt several cheese varieties with beer to produce delicious queso. If you decide to buy or make beer cheese, don’t forget to store it carefully in a refrigerator with a tightly-covered seal.

There are several ways to produce several varieties of Beer Cheese, including Beer Fondue and Beer Cheese Soup (it also goes great on a burger). However, we love harnessing it into a crispy, tasty pretzel snack with no need to spread it onto anything else or worry about refrigerating the cheese.

Try Beer Cheese Pretzels from Boardwalk!

Our Beer Cheese pretzels are such a hit that we sell out quickly. That’s why you don’t want to hesitate to get these either wholesale or in smaller increments for your home. If you’ve never tasted Beer Cheese, then consider getting a 12-pack of 4-ounce bags of our pretzels for only $29. You won’t regret it when you taste the huge improvement over generic pretzels, potato chips, or crackers.

Boardwalk Food Company makes five pretzel flavors in multiple portion sizes and combo packs. It’s super easy to get these for yourself or as a snack for the patrons in your cozy micropub. Feel free to consult our FAQ section to learn how, or call us at any time at 844-717-8900.

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