Proper Pairings: Pretzels & Beer

By Boardwalk Food Company on May 23, 2022

If you’ve ever taken a stroll to your favorite watering hole or partaken in a libation at the local neighborhood bar, you may have noticed that there are usually an array of salty treats in the form of pretzels. Perhaps you’ve wondered why this is. Well, today we’re going to explore the dichotomy of this essential pairing that goes together as well as mom and apple pie. 

It’s Scientific…

Believe it or not, scientific data supports the kinship that pretzels and beer share with one another. The chemical compound of salt is known as sodium chloride. This combination engages with the flavor receptors in the brain that register different tastes. This is why domestic beers such as Budweiser and Coors go well with pretzels, as they dull the taste and make them that much easier to consume. If you’re someone who considers themselves a beer snob, the benefits of sodium chloride also work for you. Because many IPAs are made with high-quality ingredients such as hops, this chemical actually enhances their flavor, accentuating the taste. 

Reaching for the Next Round 

It’s common knowledge that people tend to drink more when they’re thirsty and sodium chloride dehydrates the body, making that next round very enticing to order and enjoy. However, alcohol can dehydrate the body rather quickly, so we recommend having a glass of water or two during your drinking session. This will help counteract the effects and help prevent that morning ordeal known as a hangover. 

Unlocking the Perfect Combination 

Like any other pairing that we put together to consume, some combinations work better together than others. When it comes to calculating the perfect beer-to-pretzel ratio, the ideal combination all comes down to experimentation. But if you need a crash course in what combinations are already tried and true, then we have you covered. 

  • Salt and beers that are hop-heavy such as IPAs unlock a world of flavor, best accentuated with pretzels & cheddar cheese. 
  • Soft pretzels usually go well with domesticated beer and Viennese Bock 
  • Dark beers and ales such as Newcastle and Guinness tend to go well with pretzels and mustard. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the combination of dark lager and tangy mustard. 

No matter which combination you enjoy, all we ask is that you please enjoy it responsibly. 

Boardwalk Food Company 

At Boardwalk Food Company, we noticed early on that the combination of pretzels and beer is an iconic one that should be shared with every corner of the world. Our pretzels are crafted with these delicious combinations in mind. For our items, ordering info, and more tasty tidbits of information like the one you’re just read, head on over to

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