Great Ways to Celebrate National Pretzel Day

By Boardwalk Food Company on April 5, 2023

At Boardwalk Food Co. we’re crazy about pretzels. Of course, you already knew that. Our craft-beer-inspired pretzels merge two things that we all love very dearly, the satisfying crunch of these salty snacks and the hop-infused flavor of your favorite craft beers. Well, we’re excited about April, because on the 26th of the month in question a very special holiday is taking place. It’s National Pretzel Day, and we invite you to celebrate the snack that’s adored the world over! 

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Some Tasty Tidbits of Information 

Like many other snack foods, pretzels have a tasty history that’s just as appetizing and appealing as the snacks themselves. To obtain knowledge of these bite-sized morsels, we have to travel back in time to 610 A.D. Pretzels began their lineage in the Catholic monasteries, with monks making them in the shape of crosses and giving them to children in their care for learning their prayers and being an asset at their lessons. These snacks were affectionately known as “Pretiola,” or “Little Rewards.” Over time, a loop with three spaces was integrated into the design, which recommended the father, son, and Holy Spirit. 

Pretzels found their way to the United States in the 19th century, courtesy of Dutch immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania. By the early 1900s, the snack had gained widespread appeal from coast to coast, and today Pennsylvania is responsible for over 80% of the pretzels manufactured, courtesy of the automation process that was developed several decades ago. 

How to Celebrate 

Luckily, National Pretzel Day doesn’t have any complicated traditions to adhere to or overpriced greeting cards that you have to purchase. The best way to celebrate the holiday in question is simply to chow down on your favorite flavors! Soft or hard with a side of mustard or with a few rounds of some beers at your local tavern, there is no bad way to celebrate these salty snacks that have brought so much joy for centuries. And you can partake in both of these activities with some of the craft-beer-inspired pretzels from Boardwalk Food Co.! 

Boardwalk Food Co. 

At Boardwalk Food Co., pretzels are our passion. And we offer wholesale of our delicious flavors that are inspired by the finest-tasting craft beers in existence. If you’re looking to stock your tavern with the absolute best, visit us online at

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