Celebration National Pretzel Month with Boardwalk Food Company with some beer inspired flavored pretzels. Visit our site to place your order.

Celebrating National Pretzel Month

By Boardwalk Food Company on October 11, 2022

Walk into any bar, liquor store, or, if you happen to reside across the Atlantic Ocean, a Pub, and you might notice something. Fried pieces of dough adorned with salt. We refer to these tasty treats as pretzels. It's fitting that in the same month in which Oktoberfest and Halloween take place, we recognize the greatness of these morsels. That's right, October is officially known as National Pretzel Month. And to celebrate, we'll be highlighting a brief history of the acknowledgments and highlights that make these tasty snacks so wonderful.

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A Brief History of the Pretzel

Much like Vodka, the creation of the pretzel began in monasteries by monks. This invention would actually thwart a military action in the sixteenth century. While monks baked pretzels in a monastery in Vienna, they overheard Turks from the Ottoman Empire digging tunnels beneath the city. They alerted the population and would push the Ottomans back. Like so many other delicacies and customs, the pretzel found its way to North America in the early 1700s, when German immigrants began to settle in the area of land now known as Pennsylvania.

And while cannons roared across the landscape during the American Civil War, and factories turned out firearms, the town of Lititz in Pennsylvania saw the creation of the first commercial pretzel bakery in 1861. As America entered the 20th century and embraced the practice of mass production, the pretzel benefited. The invention of the automated pretzel maker in 1935 churned out 245 of them in a single hour, filling the stomachs of hungry people from coast to coast. Recognition of the pretzel's place in history was recognized in 1993 with the opening of a museum dedicated to it'd history in 1993.

Each October we celebrate the legacy and lineage of this snack which is enjoyed in bars, basements, and everywhere else where individuals are craving a crunchy, salty, snack. And while it’s still a relatively new tradition, started in 2003, we should all take the month to recognize the greatness and legacy of the pretzel by enjoying the satisfying taste that’s been handed down throughout the centuries. 

Boardwalk Food Company

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