Pretzels have a fun history and symbolize several things: prosperity, good fortune, undying love, and more. Depending on the context, they can have several meanings. Let’s explore the symbolic significance of pretzels.

Pretzel Origins

The oldest of pretzels date back to the 7th century, well before anybody thought to make them crispy, salty, or with beer flavors. With something that ancient, we could only estimate that they were made in Northern Italy, close to the French border.

Of course, it was the German immigrants who made pretzels famous in 19th century America. They arrived in Pennsylvania with the original soft pretzels that became a tremendous hit but were hard to preserve, which is what gave the impetus to make hard pretzels. You can learn more about the development of crispy pretzels by this post on the world’s oldest snack.

Why Do Pretzels Have Three Holes?

Pretzels have a fascinating religious origin, both in terms of their composition and shape. The Catholic Church promoted pretzel consumption during Lent because they came from nothing but flour and water. Some contend that the classic three-hold appearance had the purpose of bringing honor to the Holy Trinity. This was a popular motif in multiple Christian cultures since the Church liked to teach and explain the thrice-ness of the Trinity even with mundane objects like pretzels or three-leafed clovers.

Pretzels for Weddings

Then there was the tradition of giving pretzels to one another at weddings to exemplify “tying the knot.” Even to this day, pretzel makers sell these as popular gifts for lovers on holidays like Valentine’s Day. As we mentioned, giving one another pretzels during Lent was once the prelude to exchanging eggs on Easter, particularly in places like Germany and France.

How Do I get Craft Pretzels from Boardwalk Food Company?

We have our own approach to making crispy and crunchy pretzels, only ours go way beyond the standard flavors. We infuse them with four tasty beer-inspired flavors

You can get the individualized 4-ounce bags, the larger 8-ounce bags, and we also sell them in combination packages. That way if you aren’t sure of your favorite, and want to sample a little of everything, you can do so.

Boardwalk Food Company Is happy to ship these tasty treats to you whether you want them wholesale for your brewery, or for your family. Pretzels have come a long way since their humble and fascinating origin. If you’d like to learn more about our products, you’re welcome to contact us anytime.

One of the most common places to find delicious Boardwalk pretzels is in a bar or nightclub.

Why is that? Because although craft-beer-inspired pretzels are great for any snack purpose, they go best with drinking a nice beer. You can tell that much by checking out our flavors like Beer Cheese, IPA, and Pilsner. In this post, let’s examine which beers go best with the popular IPA flavor.

Best Irish Beers to Go Along with IPA Flavored Pretzels

So, truth be told, our beer pretzels go great with any beer style. However, we’ve experimented with this and realized that Irish IPA beers form the best pair with IPA pretzels. What else would you expect?

These are some solid (albeit rare) beers from that genre:

Of course, most of these are craft brews and imports that you’d have to order to get, but we thought it’d be fun to focus on rare gems within the IPA class. As always, drink responsibly and remember that beer, pretzels, and driving don’t mix.

Boardwalk Food Company makes the best bar snacks that belong in any reputable bar or tavern. Our IPA flavor is really popular and goes alongside many great beers, but don’t forget to look around at all our products, including Sweet and Spicy Sriracha. You’ll enjoy all of our packaging and shipping options for every pretzel flavor. Feel free to drop us an email anytime to learn more.

Pretzels—they’ve always seemed to be around and plenty available. Whether fresh out of the oven or bagged and on a shelf, they seem to be one of the most accessible snack foods. They also happen to be the oldest. Yes, really. The origin of pretzels isn’t found in the 21st or even the 20th century. No, to properly trace the beginnings of these tasty knots of dough that come salted and pair exceptionally well with beer, we have to turn back the clocks by a considerable amount. 

It’s Time to Get Medieval 

The beginnings of the pretzel date back to the 7th century. That’s right; we have to go back 1300 years to trace the beginning of the pretzel. Like many inventions that have lasted through the centuries, it was a necessity that brought the pretzel into existence. It all began with the Catholic Church. Catholic dogma was very strict rules regarding fasting and abstinence. Meat, milk, and eggs were all prohibited. So, out of necessity and adhering to the dogmatic law, a monk, whose name has been lost to history, crafted snacks made from flour, water, and salt. 

He tied the dough into knots that had three holes, representing the holy trinity. These were given to students for good behavior. They were also hung on many Christmas Trees in Germany; a tradition still practiced in many countries today. 

Coming to America 

European colonists who crossed the Atlantic Ocean brought these tasty, twisted pieces of dough to the new world. This tradition has continued into modern times, with 80% of pretzels Americans eat coming from Pennsylvania. The concept of the hard pretzel commonly found in many grocery stores is an American invention credited to Pennsylvania baker Julius Sturgis in 1871. These lasted longer and were more easily distributed to stores across the country.

A Special Day in Pennsylvania 

Pennsylvania and the Pretzel have such a strong cultural tie that in 2003 the state declared that April 26th would be known as National Pretzel Day. This was instituted to express gratitude for all these knots have done for the state’s cultural history and economy. 

Boardwalk Craft Pretzels

Just in case April is too far a wait, Boardwalk Craft Pretzels can be enjoyed all year long. We model out tasty knots after the craft beers that pair with them so well. For information and instructions on how to order, visit us at

As far back as anyone can remember, beer and pretzels have a;ways seemed to be the perfect pair. Stop in at any tavern or watering hole, and you’re almost guaranteed to see these two objects, and more often than not, they’re used in conjunction with one another. But why is this? Why has this combination that’s just as recognizable as peanut butter and jelly such an iconic pairing? Let’s find out…

A Matter of Science

Believe it or not, the pairing between pretzels and beer has a scientific origin. The chemical compound sodium chloride, also known as salt, has a direct effect on the parts of the human brain that regulate flavor. Depending upon which beer you drink, the pairing of these twisted knots of dough and salt have a direct correlation with one another. For example, if you’re someone who prefers domestic beers such as Budweiser and Coors, salt causes slight dehydration, meaning you might just have the instinct to have a few extra to wash everything down. If you’re someone who prefers an IPA, sodium chloride actually works to intensify the flavor of the hops and other ingredients that go into them. 

Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Pretzels…What To Drink With Them

If you’re familiar with Boardwalk Food, then you might have sampled our Sriracha Sweet & Spicy pretzels. And because pretzels and beer pair so well together, you might be wondering what pairs best with these salty and spicy morsels of food…well, it’s time to break down the basics and find the best combination.

One of the best beverages to pair with spicy foods is an ice cold lager. This is why many imported beers from Mexico happen to be lagers, and why they’re always served on ice when you decide to partake in a taco Tuesday. Lagers such as Tecate, Corona, and Dos Equis are great with spicy food because they tame the heat without robbing the dishes of their signature flavors. 

If you’re someone who loves to walk on the wild side and experience the full assault of spice on your tastebuds, then we recommend an IPA. The bitter hops in beers such as Dogfish Head, Harpoon, and Sierra Nevada intensify the spicy flavors instead of hinder them. 

No matter which flavor you savor, there’s a perfect beer to match the perfect pretzel. And our Sriracha Sweet & Spicy pretzels are ideal for any occasion. 

Boardwalk Craft Pretzels

Pretzels and beer are the perfect combination. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of both with our craft beer inspired treats. Made with all natural flavors in the USA, they’re too good to turn down. For more information, visit us at

Pretzels really are the quintessential bar food. In the old days, we only had soft pretzels that people made for commemorative gift giving, weddings, and other purposes. Now, they’re crunchy, crispy, and Boardwalk Food Company infuses them with beer flavoring.

So, how did we go from soft to hard pretzels? While soft pretzels are still a great treat as well, let’s explore the history behind the transformation into the hard kind.

From Soft to Hard Pretzels

Pretzels made their way to America in the 18th century after hundreds of years of popularity in Germany. The original soft form was a popular treat during meals or as a dessert. They didn’t become much of a commercial product until the mid-19th century.

In 1861, Julius Sturgis opened the first “pretzel bakery” in Lititz, Pennsylvania. To this day, Pennsylvania is the pretzel capital of America (80% come from there), but there were some initial problems with production. Frankly, producing lots of soft pretzels and keeping them fresh was an arduous task (they’d go stale rather quickly).

How did Sturgis solve the dilemma? He invented the hard pretzel!

He found he could keep them fresher longer by using less water, making pretzels dryer and harder. This opened up several opportunities to distribute them throughout the country by keeping them in airtight seals. Hence, from there, the commercial pretzel industry began.

Mass Production of Hard Pretzels

How do manufacturers make pretzels in high volume now? Right after WWII, the Reading Pretzel Machine gave them the chance to make hard pretzels at an astonishing rate of 250 per minute. The rest is history as Americans now enjoy a huge abundance of hard pretzels almost anywhere they go (even on airlines).

Get Craft Pretzels Through Boardwalk Food Company

Boardwalk Food Company is happy to sustain the hard pretzel’s legacy with our innovative craft beer pretzels. We offer four different flavors: Pilsner, IPA, Beer Cheese, and our new Sweet and Spicy Sriracha. We love to sell these wholesale directly to bars in cases of 12 bags (each bag is 8 ounces of pretzels). This includes the possibility to mix and match with combination bags featuring all four flavors.

Boardwalk Food Company helps bars stock themselves with tasty snacks that splendidly complement the beer they serve. If you’d like to learn more about our products, feel free to contact us at any time.

How would you like to offer a tasty new pretzel treat in your bar, brewery, or taproom? Well, you’re in luck, because it’s a piece of cake to do so when you buy Boardwalk pretzels wholesale. Never has it been easier to give your bar patrons something great to snack on with their cold beer. 

Three Big Advantages to Buy Wholesale with Boardwalk

Our wholesale service gives you several advantages when you buy them as a store owner. Here are three of the main reasons to buy from us:

  1. It saves you money to buy in bulk. While it’s possible for individual consumers to purchase small quantities for however much they desire, it always pays to leverage our volume discounts.
  2. You can get them from us easily through the mail. That means you never have to contend with a middle man trying to score a commission fee off  of you.
  3. We offer four different craft beer pretzel flavors, which gives your bar patrons some nice variety. Buying wholesale makes it easy to purchase combination packs rather than picking out individual flavors.

What You Actually Get with Boardwalk Pretzels

So, what do you get when you buy wholesale from Boardwalk Food Company?

Well, for one thing, we organize our sales system through the wholesale distribution system known as Faire. They have a program called “Net 60 Terms.” That means you can place an order for products without having to pay for them for another 60 days. It’s super convenient.

That’s not all, though. New whole buyers through Faire get a $100 credit on their initial order PLUS a year of free shipping.

We do it this way because we want to encourage future business and develop a long-term relationship with you. Our view is that the best way to do that is by providing generous deals with fewer shipping hassles, fees, and bureaucracy.

Boardwalk Food Company produces four flavors of delicious beer pretzels that beat all the usual snacks you’d find in grocery stores. This is your chance to add that extra special touch to your bar atmosphere. You have beer, wine, spirits, games, and maybe even live music. If you don’t have a food component, then this is your chance to bolster a weak point. Feel free to contact us any time to learn more or place an order.

Have you tried our latest pretzel flavor, Sweet & Spicy Sriracha? If not, we’ll fill you in on what you’re missing. Just for fun, let’s look at why this is one of the tastiest and most addictive flavors as well as how it matches wonderfully with pretzels.

Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Flavor

It turns out Sweet & Spicy Sriracha is not only popular but actually mildly addictive, though not in a harmful manner. Peppers, which are nutritious on many levels, are the active ingredient that leads you to want more.

Why is that? It’s because they contain a special protein, known as TRPV1, that activates whenever we consume hot foods. When that happens, it triggers the pain-killing chemical, endorphins, to basically extinguish the hot sensation. However, as it does this, the endorphins simultaneously produce a rush of pleasure.

Hence, the happy feeling you get whenever you eat hot peppers, like the ones found in Sweet & Spicy Sriracha flavor.

Sweet & Spicy Sriracha - Great with Pretzels

Pretzels are a decently healthy snack consumed in moderation, and not with excessive salt. It’s a bread product, so it’s a bit higher in carbs, while lower in fat, protein, and fiber. It’s great to mix it with other complementary flavors like mustard, hummus, and so forth.

We take the novel approach of combining crispy hard pretzels with beer flavors like IPA, Pilsner, and Beer Cheese. For the first time, however, Boardwalk Food is branching out to include this new sweet and spicy variation. The best part is that pretzels mix well with the Sriracha extract without forcing you to endure something exorbitantly spicy. It’s the best of both worlds.

Also, with the way we produce it, this snack isn’t loaded with added sugar (only 2g). Therefore, you get the sweet taste without overdoing it.

Be sure to check out all of our beer pretzel flavors and keep an eye out for any other new versions coming your way in the future.

Boardwalk Food Company makes delicious pretzel snacks infused with beer flavors available for wholesale and individual purchase. Whether you’re a bar owner searching for snack options, or a regular person who wants something better than crummy potato chips, we can help. Feel free to contact us at any time with all your questions regarding our products.

Pretzels go great with beer (especially beer-flavored pretzels) and both are terrific for watching sports and playing games. It’s no surprise that you find these all together in one place when you hit up your favorite bar or pub. You almost can’t have a good time without them.

Best Sports for Enjoying Boardwalk Pretzels

While you can watch just about anything while enjoying some spicy sweet and spicy sriracha pretzels, these are our favorites:

Hey, if you’re really slick, we think you could even PLAY most of these sports while eating pretzels. In fact, we’re fairly certain sluggers like Babe Ruth probably did exactly that.

Best Games to Play While Munching on Boardwalk Pretzels

Then, if you want a nice bar game to play with pretzels, we recommend the following:

Yes, those are the ones we can confidently master even while fishing for beer pretzels every couple of minutes. Just don't try to substitute pretzels for ping-pong balls with beer pong. That’s an awful way to adulterate a perfectly good pretzel.

Don’t Settle For Average Pretzels

Of course, there are many different kinds of pretzels. Nobody disputes the savory taste of a classic, salted soft pretzel. Whatever you do, don’t rely on the boring, stale, ones you get from a generic brand at a gas station. Those are great for prisoners, but if you're at a bar, drinking a nice IPA, you can do better.

We recommend our Boardwalk pretzels, made in four awesome flavors, and available in an assortment of packages.

So, there you have it. You never need to watch sports or play a bar game empty-handed.

Boardwalk Food Company takes two of the best things in the world, beer and pretzels, and combines them into an excellent bar snack. Granted, they don’t literally contain beer, just the delicious flavor. Anybody can enjoy these anywhere they go (even at work). If you’re ready to try some, please feel free to shop around and learn about all of our products online, and contact us with any questions.

If you’ve ever taken a stroll to your favorite watering hole or partaken in a libation at the local neighborhood bar, you may have noticed that there are usually an array of salty treats in the form of pretzels. Perhaps you’ve wondered why this is. Well, today we’re going to explore the dichotomy of this essential pairing that goes together as well as mom and apple pie. 

It’s Scientific…

Believe it or not, scientific data supports the kinship that pretzels and beer share with one another. The chemical compound of salt is known as sodium chloride. This combination engages with the flavor receptors in the brain that register different tastes. This is why domestic beers such as Budweiser and Coors go well with pretzels, as they dull the taste and make them that much easier to consume. If you’re someone who considers themselves a beer snob, the benefits of sodium chloride also work for you. Because many IPAs are made with high-quality ingredients such as hops, this chemical actually enhances their flavor, accentuating the taste. 

Reaching for the Next Round 

It’s common knowledge that people tend to drink more when they’re thirsty and sodium chloride dehydrates the body, making that next round very enticing to order and enjoy. However, alcohol can dehydrate the body rather quickly, so we recommend having a glass of water or two during your drinking session. This will help counteract the effects and help prevent that morning ordeal known as a hangover. 

Unlocking the Perfect Combination 

Like any other pairing that we put together to consume, some combinations work better together than others. When it comes to calculating the perfect beer-to-pretzel ratio, the ideal combination all comes down to experimentation. But if you need a crash course in what combinations are already tried and true, then we have you covered. 

No matter which combination you enjoy, all we ask is that you please enjoy it responsibly. 

Boardwalk Food Company 

At Boardwalk Food Company, we noticed early on that the combination of pretzels and beer is an iconic one that should be shared with every corner of the world. Our pretzels are crafted with these delicious combinations in mind. For our items, ordering info, and more tasty tidbits of information like the one you’re just read, head on over to

Boardwalk Food Company proudly carries five delicious beer pretzel flavors: Beer Cheese, Sweet and Spicy Sriracha, Stout, IPA, and Pilsner. While the latter three are popular beer varieties, you may be less familiar with the novel Beer Cheese flavor. We’d like to explain a few things about it, including its origin and why it’s so popular with our many clients who stock their bars with them.

What is Beer Cheese?

Beer cheese is basically a spreadable, cheddar-cheese substance that they first made in Kentucky during the 1930s. You might recall how pretzels and beer became a winning combination when folks were rebelling against Prohibition in those days. Beer cheese became popular at roughly that same time, as people would eat it with crackers and beer.

What’s in it? Beer Cheese usually includes ingredients like cheddar/processed cheese, cayenne pepper, garlic, and mustard powder. You would include an abstract of flattened beer to give it that special beer component. While we don’t use beer directly in our Beer Cheese pretzels (it’s a seasoning), there is something called “Drunken Cheese,” where you mix beer with cheese curds.

It’s also possible to melt several cheese varieties with beer to produce delicious queso. If you decide to buy or make beer cheese, don’t forget to store it carefully in a refrigerator with a tightly-covered seal.

There are several ways to produce several varieties of Beer Cheese, including Beer Fondue and Beer Cheese Soup (it also goes great on a burger). However, we love harnessing it into a crispy, tasty pretzel snack with no need to spread it onto anything else or worry about refrigerating the cheese.

Try Beer Cheese Pretzels from Boardwalk!

Our Beer Cheese pretzels are such a hit that we sell out quickly. That’s why you don’t want to hesitate to get these either wholesale or in smaller increments for your home. If you’ve never tasted Beer Cheese, then consider getting a 12-pack of 4-ounce bags of our pretzels for only $29. You won’t regret it when you taste the huge improvement over generic pretzels, potato chips, or crackers.

Boardwalk Food Company makes five pretzel flavors in multiple portion sizes and combo packs. It’s super easy to get these for yourself or as a snack for the patrons in your cozy micropub. Feel free to consult our FAQ section to learn how, or call us at any time at 844-717-8900.


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