Easy to find at your local tavern and on the shelf at any grocery store, pretzels are among the most popular snacks in the United States. As a matter of fact, recent sales of this salty staple are now reaching well into the billions. And while there’s certainly a lot of admiration for this tasty treat, there are also some interesting facts that are well worth sinking your teeth into. 

A Holy Beginning

Believe it or not, the pretzel began as a treat made by the monastery monks in Europe during the middle ages. Initially made in the shape of a cross as a treat for students to be successful in their lessons, the knot design eventually took over, as each hole was meant to symbolize the three aspects of the holy trinity. (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.) 

Coming to America 

Pretzels are loved in the United States, and they’ve actually been a part of our cultural lineage since the beginning. The pretzel first made its way across the Atlantic in the 1700s by way of German immigrants settling in Pennsylvania. The state in question has become synonymous with the pretzel, as it’s where many of them are baked and shipped out to different stores. 

Seizing the Means of Production 

While the industrial revolution is one of the most notable periods of the 1800s, it took a while for the pretzel to benefit. The automated pretzel machine arrived in 1947, following the end of the second world war. While a fully-staffed bakery could once churn out 40 pretzels in a minute, the automated process more than tripled production to 240 a minute. 

Auntie Knows Best 

One of the most popular outlets for pretzels is a company known as Auntie Annes. Started in 1988 in Pennsylvania, the company's reach is worldwide, with 1,600 locations across the continental United States and branches in England, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia. Each country has its own unique flavor and takes on the tasty treat, ensuring the pretzel’s continuing popularity. 

Boardwalk Food Co.

Many people enjoy their pretzels with a frosty glass of craft beer. This is why Boardwalk Food Co. took the initiative and now offers a variety of flavors that are inspired by the many craft beers that one finds at their local tavern. We specialize in unique offerings that can make any restaurant or tavern burst with taste and flavor. For a quote and list of our different flavors, pull up a barstool at

You would be hard-pressed to find an individual who doesn’t enjoy pretzels from time to time, let alone someone who’s never tasted one. And if you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting some of the pretzels made by Boardwalk Food Co, then you’re certainly aware of how seriously we take the offerings that we make. Now, what if we told you that hard pretzels have some excellent health benefits that you can enjoy while you’re snacking down on them?

Low in Fat & Calories 

For millions of Americans, costing the calories and monitoring the fat that they consume with every meal is a big part of their lives. Well, now you have the opportunity to snack all you want without feeling an ounce of guilt. Pretzels have fewer calories than a 100-gram serving of potato and tortilla chips. This same serving size is also considerably lower in fat and completely free of cholesterol. 

Dietary Fiber & Minerals 

Fiber intake is an integral part of your nutritional needs. And, believe it or not, hard pretzels can contribute anywhere from three to eight grams of the recommended daily allowance. While chips have slightly more, they also have a considerably larger amount of saturated fats and calories. When it comes to the minerals that your body needs to function properly, hard pretzels contain quite a few of the necessary items that are required to sustain a healthy lifestyle. They’re excellent sources of Iron and Zinc, which promote blood health and help strengthen the immune system.

B Vitamins 

In the past few years, there has been a lot of research conducted in terms of how beneficial B Vitamins are to the human body. While many commonly associate them with being in several energy drinks, there’s much more to these building blocks of the human body. They’ve been scientifically proven to strengthen mental health and promote the growth of cells in the human body. They also help the human body sustain itself through a busy day by being a natural energy supplement. 

Boardwalk Food Co. 

Now that you have a better understanding of how beneficial hard pretzels are, it’s time to dig in and enjoy! Boardwalk Food Co. has found a way to combine the delicious flavors of craft beer and these salty snacks that we can never get rough of. For wholesale information and much more, drop by our website at

One of the most important aspects of success in the business world is determining what products and services are sought after in high volume by consumers and members of a target demographic. The business world is in a constant state of evolution and is guided by the rise and fall and trends and popularity. That said, one of the most notable items to gain notoriety in recent years is an unexpected contender existing within the bar and restaurant industry—the pretzel. One of the most recognizable and enjoyed snack treats, a recent wave of innovation has led to a spurt in popularity, and it’s the perfect time to take advantage of it. 

flavored pretzels

The Cause

It might surprise you to find out that the revenue generated by pretzels in recent years has been remarkably high, with sales figures estimated at upwards of 1.7 billion. This rise in popularity has been attributed to two primary factors. The first is due in part to the return to normalcy following the global pandemic. Many bars and restaurants serve up these salty pieces of fried dough along with alcoholic beverages, and with many places open and in business, the need to have them readily available for thirsty patrons has led to increased demand. 

The second of these has been a recent boom in innovation. Many companies have been looking at the snack treat and thinking of new ways to experiment with taste and presentation. With many people becoming more acquainted with online shopping, several are looking for new brands that are more exciting than the age-old recipes that many are accustomed to. With more people becoming health-conscious regarding their diet, snack foods that are lower in fat have become sought after, and the pretzel is among the top contenders. 

Future Projections 

Many industry experts who have been watching the pretzel boom closely have determined that the sales figures, which have already been favorable, will only continue to rise in the next few years. This is due to the increased demand and innovation of the snack treat. It’s expected that many companies have the potential to be bought by larger distributors leading to a spike in competition, which always brings out the best in design and development. 

Boardwalk Craft Pretzels 

Speaking of innovation, Boardwalk Food co. specializes in pretzels that have been inspired by the very best craft beers. We specialize in wholesale and are the perfect complimentary item to be served at your bar or restaurant. For more information on us and what we have to offer, pay us a visit at

Why are Boardwalk Craft Pretzels made in pieces? I get that question from time to time and the answer is quite simple. After trying every form of pretzel possible, I found breaking sourdough pretzels into pieces is best for seasoning. The pretzels take on the flavor of the spices while still giving the big pretzel crunch and malty flavor I love.  


Let me explain.  

One thing that makes pretzels so awesome as a bar snack is the golden brown crust. In the baking process, pretzel dough is dipped into a hot, alkaline solution prior to baking. During this process, the sugars in the dough caramelize and starch gelatinizes creating the brown color and flavor contrast that make pretzels so yummy!  

As tasty as this is, it does pose a problem for seasoning. The caramelized golden crust is not an ideal surface for holding spices. This is why you see a lot of seasoned pretzel companies use thinner sticks or twists. There is less pretzel flavor to compete so you don’t need as much spice.  It works and there are a lot of delicious seasoned sticks and twists out there.  

Breaking larger sourdough pretzels exposes the inside of the pretzel which absorbs the seasonings much better than the outside crust. I can use larger pieces that allow the malty flavor of the pretzel dough to come through. I also enjoy the satisfying pretzel crunch you get from a larger piece. To me, it is the best of both worlds: unique seasoning blends and the flavor that made me such a big fan of pretzels in the first place.

In short, there is no better snack to have with a nice cold craft beer!  



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