There’s perhaps no duo more recognizable and iconic than that of pretzels and beer. Loved the world over, there’s a reason why we at Boardwalk Food Co. took the initiative to make craft-beer-inspired pretzels, much to the delight of our customers and clientele. But, if you need more proof of why this combination holds ground as the very best, then you’ll want to read on, and by the time you’re done, you’ll be downing this combination with vigor and gusto. 

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A Complimentary Combination 

Have you ever been curious about why you usually see pretzels at your local neighborhood bar? This all has to do with one of the main ingredients that accompany pretzels, sodium chloride, also known as salt. This chemical compound alters our brain chemistry and allows us to enjoy both the hop-heavy IPAs and domestic brands we enjoy so dear, thanks to its direct impact on our senses that identify the taste. 

They Both Have Holidays in Which They’re Honored 

When millions love something, there are usually days in which we take the time to recognize and honor them. And, as you might have guessed, beer and pretzels have their own respective holidays. And to illustrate how close these items are to one another, they occur during the same month. On April Seventh, we observe Beer Day. This is followed on April 26th as we celebrate National Pretzel Day. 

The Combination Contains Health Benefits 

Both beer and pretzels have some positive attributes regarding promoting a healthy lifestyle. Beer has been linked in various studies to the prevention of heart disease, Alzheimer's, and even Parkinson's. Pretzels, on the other hand, contain a significant amount of calcium and folic acid and are an excellent source of dietary fiber. 

A Lengthy Lineage 

Pretzels and Beer have been a winning combination for centuries. The first pretzels first began appearing in monasteries around 610 A.D. and beer was first brewed all the way back in 4000 BCE by the Sumerians who inhabited Mesopotamia. 

No Matter The Reason, Enjoy! 

At Boardwalk Food Co, we understand the impossibility of resisting the temptation of pretzels and beer. This is why we created craft-bee-inspired pretzels to give people the best of both worlds in one. If you’re interested in stocking your tavern or restaurant with our award-winning combinations, head on over to

While there’s no shortage of customs and traditions that have been imported to America over the years, there’s one that has been conspicuously absent from observation. With the month of March being synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day, there’s another celebration that started across the Atlantic that we’re here to discuss. It’s called Bretzelsonndeg. Also known as Pretzel Sunday, this tradition which began in the 18th century in Luxembourg coincides with the Catholic tradition of Lent. For 2023, this holiday will be observed on the 19th day of the month. 


Bretzelsonndeg might not be as popular as some of the other Catholic traditions that have made their way over to America. Still, to those who live in German-speaking countries, the celebration is an important one. Believe it or not, the pretzel, while being a popular snack food, actually began its existence as a religious offering. Monks began making treats for their students as a reward for their due diligence. These were originally in the shape of a cross but were later molded into a know with three distinctive holes. These were meant to symbolize the three parts of the holy trinity, father, son, and holy spirit. 

A Gesture of Love 

While the tradition is deeply rooted in the Catholic faith, there is another tradition that’s observed on pretzel Sunday as well. And, believe it or not, this is a gesture of romance and affection between two individuals. On Sunday, as is tradition, a young man presents his potential love interest with a pretzel. If his love interest wants to return the affection, she does so in the form of a chocolate-covered egg. However, if she deems him unworthy of her love, she returns an empty basket. This is the origin of the European expression “to be given the basket.” 

How to Observe Pretzel Sunday in America 

Whether or not you ascribe to the Catholic tradition, you can still partake in the celebration of pretzel Sunday. How? Why, by taking a few moments and enjoying these salty snack-sized morsels of greatness, of course. Whether it’s over a sudsy beverage or munching on your won, there’s no better time to enjoy a pretzel! 

Boardwalk Food Co. 

What happens when the most popular snack food in existence is infused with the flavors of craft beer? You get craft-beer-inspired pretzels! This is what we accelerate at, and at Boardwalk Food Co., we can stock your location with the very best. For more information about placing an order, visit us at

For just about as far back as anyone can remember, beer and pretzels have been the best combination since peanut butter and jelly. There are few experiences more satisfying than enjoying a few cold ones at your neighborhood tavern accompanied by a big bowl of these tasty snacks. This is why Boardwalk Food Co. decided to combine the best of each for an experience unlike any other. Our premium craft-beer-inspired pretzels are a perfect addition for any night out, and they’re perfect for a very special event that occurs during the month of February…

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A Feast in February 

As most people will tell you, the month of February is commonly associated with love and romance because of Valentine’s Day. But there’s another tradition to observe during the shortest month of the year that might not be as well-known but should be looked forward to with just as much love and enthusiasm. February is recognized as National Snack Food Month, and there’s no better time to indulge in the offerings from Boardwalk Co. 

A History of Snacking 

Like so much else that we’re guilty of taking for granted from time to time, snack foods have a unique history that’s just as fascinating as they are tasty. While the exact originator of the concept of snacking has been lost to the annals of history, archaeologists have found evidence that the origins of snacking stretch back all the way to 50,000 BC. Cave dwellers in Northern Iraq carried with their collections of various seeds and nuts to provide them with sustenance during their day. 

Just as interesting as the history of snacking, the pretzel has been an integral part of this between-meal-ritual for not only decades but hundreds of years. It all began in the monasteries of Europe during the middle ages. Monks would bake strips of dough in the shape of a cross to reward their students for being attentive and diligent. This tradition has continued into the modern age, as in 2010, a survey concluded that children and teenagers are snacking more these days than in previous years. So, why not indulge in some choice offerings from Boardwalk Food Co. for the month of February? 

For years, snacking and craft beers have always gone together perfectly, so now you can enjoy the best of both worlds! For the flavors that will soon become your favorite and much more, pay us a visit at

Walk into any bar, liquor store, or, if you happen to reside across the Atlantic Ocean, a Pub, and you might notice something. Fried pieces of dough adorned with salt. We refer to these tasty treats as pretzels. It's fitting that in the same month in which Oktoberfest and Halloween take place, we recognize the greatness of these morsels. That's right, October is officially known as National Pretzel Month. And to celebrate, we'll be highlighting a brief history of the acknowledgments and highlights that make these tasty snacks so wonderful.

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A Brief History of the Pretzel

Much like Vodka, the creation of the pretzel began in monasteries by monks. This invention would actually thwart a military action in the sixteenth century. While monks baked pretzels in a monastery in Vienna, they overheard Turks from the Ottoman Empire digging tunnels beneath the city. They alerted the population and would push the Ottomans back. Like so many other delicacies and customs, the pretzel found its way to North America in the early 1700s, when German immigrants began to settle in the area of land now known as Pennsylvania.

And while cannons roared across the landscape during the American Civil War, and factories turned out firearms, the town of Lititz in Pennsylvania saw the creation of the first commercial pretzel bakery in 1861. As America entered the 20th century and embraced the practice of mass production, the pretzel benefited. The invention of the automated pretzel maker in 1935 churned out 245 of them in a single hour, filling the stomachs of hungry people from coast to coast. Recognition of the pretzel's place in history was recognized in 1993 with the opening of a museum dedicated to it'd history in 1993.

Each October we celebrate the legacy and lineage of this snack which is enjoyed in bars, basements, and everywhere else where individuals are craving a crunchy, salty, snack. And while it’s still a relatively new tradition, started in 2003, we should all take the month to recognize the greatness and legacy of the pretzel by enjoying the satisfying taste that’s been handed down throughout the centuries. 

Boardwalk Food Company

Craft beers and pretzels are one of the best combinations out there. And Boardwalk Food Company has blended them both together with their line of craft-beer-inspired pretzels. We sell these tasty morsels wholesale, and they’re the perfect barroom snack. To get on the bandwagon and order, visit


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