You would be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t aware of what pretzels are, let alone someone who hasn’t tasted one at least once in their lifetime. Many negative comments have been made regarding the practice of snacking. Understandably so, chips, sweets, and other items have been frowned upon by aficionados of healthy eating. That said, pretzels can be made to be part of a healthy diet. But don’t take our word for it—we consulted the experts to help us extoll the virtues of this tasty treat. 

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Healthy Benefits 

Pretzels come in many different forms and flavors and can be prepared in a variety of ways. For the sake of keeping our results simple, we’ll be comparing the virtues of soft pretzels, usually found in a bakery, and hard ones found in ample supply from Boardwalk Food Co. First and foremost, 1 oz of hard pretzels contain less than 3 gram of sugar, 3 grams of protein, only a half a gram of saturated fat. (Not too shabby of you to ask us.) 

Both soft and hard pretzels also contain a fair amount of the minerals we need to help sustain a healthy lifestyle. Folate, copper, iron, niacin, selenium, and zinc are all found in pretzels, making them a great supplementary addition to a balanced and nutritious meal. The primary ingredient that pretzels are made from, flour, gets broken down by the human body and converted into energy during the process of digestion. 

On the other end of the spectrum is the second ingredient of pretzels, salt, or, as it’s known in scientific circles, sodium chloride. While consumption of salt is always best in moderation, the benefits it has to offer the human body are essential for maintaining health. Sodium chloride can best be described as the reliable courier of the body. The chemical helps absorb and transport the nutrients to the various parts of the body that need them the most. They also transmit signals through the nervous system and assist the cardiovascular system in maintaining blood pressure. 

This combination of flour and salt is beneficial and essential for a healthy lifestyle. Pour out some pretzels and a glass of water. But most of all, enjoy yourself! 

Boardwalk Craft Pretzels 

Boardwalk Food co. specializes in pretzels that the very best craft beers have inspired. We specialize in wholesale and are the perfect complimentary item to be served at your bar or restaurant. For more information on us and what we have to offer, pay us a visit at

For just about as far back as anyone can remember, beer and pretzels have been the best combination since peanut butter and jelly. There are few experiences more satisfying than enjoying a few cold ones at your neighborhood tavern accompanied by a big bowl of these tasty snacks. This is why Boardwalk Food Co. decided to combine the best of each for an experience unlike any other. Our premium craft-beer-inspired pretzels are a perfect addition for any night out, and they’re perfect for a very special event that occurs during the month of February…

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A Feast in February 

As most people will tell you, the month of February is commonly associated with love and romance because of Valentine’s Day. But there’s another tradition to observe during the shortest month of the year that might not be as well-known but should be looked forward to with just as much love and enthusiasm. February is recognized as National Snack Food Month, and there’s no better time to indulge in the offerings from Boardwalk Co. 

A History of Snacking 

Like so much else that we’re guilty of taking for granted from time to time, snack foods have a unique history that’s just as fascinating as they are tasty. While the exact originator of the concept of snacking has been lost to the annals of history, archaeologists have found evidence that the origins of snacking stretch back all the way to 50,000 BC. Cave dwellers in Northern Iraq carried with their collections of various seeds and nuts to provide them with sustenance during their day. 

Just as interesting as the history of snacking, the pretzel has been an integral part of this between-meal-ritual for not only decades but hundreds of years. It all began in the monasteries of Europe during the middle ages. Monks would bake strips of dough in the shape of a cross to reward their students for being attentive and diligent. This tradition has continued into the modern age, as in 2010, a survey concluded that children and teenagers are snacking more these days than in previous years. So, why not indulge in some choice offerings from Boardwalk Food Co. for the month of February? 

For years, snacking and craft beers have always gone together perfectly, so now you can enjoy the best of both worlds! For the flavors that will soon become your favorite and much more, pay us a visit at

For those of you who have ordered our craft-beer-inspired pretzels from Boardwalk Food Company, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks. We put a lot of effort into our craft-beer-inspired pretzels to make them taste like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. One question we get asked quite often, besides how to order our products, is why our IPA pretzels have a citrusy taste to them. And believe it or not, many people have this same question regarding craft beer. There’s a reason for this taste, and we’re glad to take a few moments to explain why. 

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There’s Probably no Citrus in Your IPA

Unless you’re purchasing a craft beer that is brewed with citrus flavors, there’s no citrus in your IPA. When breweries make their beers, they usually add a fair amount of high-end hops and sometimes grains to the process. The end result is a sometimes bitter beverage and can trigger the sensory organs to have a similar reaction to that of sweet citrus flavors such as lemon or grapefruit. The citrusy taste comes from the hops. If you purchase a craft beer that’s made from hops such as cascade, centennial, Amarillo, simple, strata, or chinook, you may experience a grapefruit-like aftertaste, but it’s not from the presence of any actual grapefruit. 

Some Popular IPAs that Possess a Grapefruit-Like Aftertaste 

If you’re a regular beer drinker, you might have noticed that sometimes the aftertaste is akin to citrus. Whether you enjoy this flavor or you don’t, we’ve taken the time to list some IPAs that have this taste. This way, you can choose whether or not you want to partake in or avoid them. 

Boardwalk Food Company 

At Boardwalk, we manufacture craft-beer-inspired pretzels which will make any restaurant or tavern come to life. For information on how you can add our products to your location, visit us at

Why are Boardwalk Craft Pretzels made in pieces? I get that question from time to time and the answer is quite simple. After trying every form of pretzel possible, I found breaking sourdough pretzels into pieces is best for seasoning. The pretzels take on the flavor of the spices while still giving the big pretzel crunch and malty flavor I love.  


Let me explain.  

One thing that makes pretzels so awesome as a bar snack is the golden brown crust. In the baking process, pretzel dough is dipped into a hot, alkaline solution prior to baking. During this process, the sugars in the dough caramelize and starch gelatinizes creating the brown color and flavor contrast that make pretzels so yummy!  

As tasty as this is, it does pose a problem for seasoning. The caramelized golden crust is not an ideal surface for holding spices. This is why you see a lot of seasoned pretzel companies use thinner sticks or twists. There is less pretzel flavor to compete so you don’t need as much spice.  It works and there are a lot of delicious seasoned sticks and twists out there.  

Breaking larger sourdough pretzels exposes the inside of the pretzel which absorbs the seasonings much better than the outside crust. I can use larger pieces that allow the malty flavor of the pretzel dough to come through. I also enjoy the satisfying pretzel crunch you get from a larger piece. To me, it is the best of both worlds: unique seasoning blends and the flavor that made me such a big fan of pretzels in the first place.

In short, there is no better snack to have with a nice cold craft beer!  


Have you ever eked into a bar and wondered why so many salty snacks were laid out for the patrons? Pretzels, peanuts, popcorn, one or all three might be available at any bar at any time. Perhaps it’s a gesture of goodwill, the establishment’s way of saying “thank you” for dropping in for a tasty beverage or two. Perhaps. However, there’s another reason why so many salty snacks are abundant. And, if you’re a bar owner, there are a few good reasons why you should keep them in good supply. 

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A Spoon Full of Salt Makes the Beverages go Down…

The chemical name for salt is sodium chloride. When we consume this chemical compound, the receptors in our brain that recognize tase are temporarily weakened. This is also why tequila drinkers usually have a pinch of salt before slamming down a shot or two. If someone’s drinking a beer that is heavy on hops, the salt can actually amplify the flavor, making it more enjoyable. Leaving some salty snacks out for your patrons means they’ll be buying more in no time. 

Salt Creates Thirst 

It’s no secret that consumption of anything salty requires something to wash it down with. Now that we’ve touched base upon the advantage of having salty snacks available let’s break down the economic incentives for having them available to your patrons. Salty snacks, when purchased in bulk or wholesale, are relatively inexpensive. On average, let’s say they’re $5 a bag. If someone’s planning on buying up some IPAs at $7 a pop, you’re bound to recoup a sizable return on your salty purchase. 

Turn up the Taste

Science is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? While it’s true that salty snacks make beer go down easier, this union is very much a two-way street. Alcoholic beverages always go well with salty snacks, and as we consume more beers, we get a hankering for some peanuts, fries, or chips. There’s a reason for that. Alcohol makes those snacks much more enjoyable. So you see, salt and alcohol are very much the yin and yang of an enjoyable night at the bar. 

Boardwalk Food Co. 

With beer and salt being such an outstanding combination, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s finally a snack that seamlessly combines both. At Boardwalk Food Company, we specialize in craft beer-inspired pretzels that are perfect for any brewery, bar, or tavern. To find out where you can place an order, visit us at

When it comes to the world of the culinary arts, there are a variety of combinations that seem like they were always perfect for one another. This isn’t by accident; combinations of certain flavors pair exceptionally well because of the receptors in our brain and the amplification found in our sense of taste.  Decoding the sensory experience proves that there is indeed a science behind flavor and taste. Today, we explore this subject material in the form of sweet and spicy foods. Bon Appetite! 

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Sense of Taste & The Process of Flavor 

It might interest you to know that all five senses help determine flavor. The experience of our senses and the flavors we enjoy while eating is known as retro nasal olfaction. More than taste, our sense of smell helps identify certain flavors. Even our sense of sight allows our brain to identify the flavorings of certain food when we first come into contact with them. 

The Science of Sweet & Spicy 

Any historian will tell you that many cultures have been blending flavors together for centuries. One of the oldest combinations of sweetness and spice can be traced back to the Aztecs, who combined peppers and chocolate together to form xocoatl. The combination of sweet and spicy is processed with two unique flavor receptors that have very different jobs. The spice actually binds our tastebuds, with the sweetness balancing out the initial shock from the pepper. 

The Zen of Balance Between Sweet & Spicy 

When it comes to achieving the perfect compromise between sweet and spicy, it’s a delicate balance that needs to be just right. If you’re a newcomer to the world of spicy foods, sweet and spicy combinations can be one of the best ways to adjust your palate. An example of balancing the sweet and the spicy can be found in a cocktail such as jalapeño, mango, and passion fruit. A jalapeno margarita is another perfect example—with the cool mezcal and sugary rim balancing out the jalapeño flavor of the drink itself. 

Sweet and Spicy Pretzels from Boardwalk Food Co. 

At Boardwalk, we specialize in a combination that millions have long been waiting for. Our craft beer-inspired pretzels are perfect for any brewery looking to merge an endless number of flavor combinations. For our products and information to order them wholesale, visit us at

Pretzels and potato chips are two of the most common snack items for Americans, and it’s been that way for several decades now.


Which is better? Well, that might depend on individual preference. However, we’d say the consensus is that pretzels absolutely demolish potato chips by a wide margin.

Here’s why . . .

Contrasting Pretzels & Potato Chips

These are the main substantive differences between pretzels and potato chips.

Skip Potato Chips - Enjoy Beer-Inspired Craft Pretzels from Boardwalk Food Company

The other problem with potato chips is that you usually get nothing but a boring “plain” flavor or some other poor option like “salt and vinegar.” At Boardwalk Food Company, we fix that problem by offering four vibrant flavors of our beer-inspired craft pretzels: Sweet & Spicy Sriracha, Beer Cheese, Pilsner, and IPA.

We combine the crispy crunch of a pretzel with unique flavors that pair perfectly with craft beer. They’re great for all ages, so you can get them to fill your family’s snack pantry.  They come in convenient packs of 4, 8oz pretzels or 6, 4oz bags.  

You can get several combinations of our four beer-inspired craft pretzels when you shop around our merchandise at Boardwalk Food Company

If you’re a brewery or bar owner and you want your patrons to buy snacks from you (rather than bring junk food inside), then this is a must-have. Let us know if you want to know about our wholesale program.  
Contact us anytime to find out how you can replace those greasy potato chips with tasty craft pretzels.


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