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February 07, 2022 2 min read

Welcome to Boardwalk Food Company on behalf of Kim, Andy, and our entire crew! If you love beer and pretzels, you’re in the right place because we offer both in a unique way you’ve probably never had. Our delicious service to you is our craft beer pretzel treats that are bound to become an instant favorite, the second you try one.

beer cheese pretzels

Allow us to introduce ourselves and show you some details about our tasty products.

What are Craft Beer Pretzels?

Craft beer pretzels combine two of the best things in the world, craft beer and sourdough pretzels, into a savory snack. Though not alcoholic themselves, our beer pretzels have an irresistible and aptly recognizable beer taste.

They come in four flavors and we package them in either four-ounce or eight-ounce bags. You can get them in packs of four or in cases of 12. We ship them directly to your address within about two to four days.

Try All These Craft Beer Pretzel Varieties!

We have four awesome flavors based on the most popular craft beer types:

  • Stout
  • This pretzel flavor comes from the darkest craft beer you can buy, and it’s loaded with coffee and malt flavor mixed with just a modicum of sweetness. 
  • Pilsner
  • Pilsners are on the lighter side of the beer spectrum but don’t let that trick you into thinking they’re devoid of flavor. This one delivers the light malt flavor with a nice crisp finish.
  • IPA
  • One of the most popular beers in any bar makes its way into sourdough pretzel form. This one has all the dynamic IPA tastes like grapefruit, hops, and citrus.
  • Beer Cheese
  • The base beer is amber combined with plenty of spice and sharp cheddar cheese. It’s beer and cheese with a crunch. 


    You can also take advantage of ourcombo pack to get an assortment of these terrific flavors. Stay tuned for more flavors arriving soon.

    About Us

    Boardwalk Food Company makes craft beer pretzels for direct purchase as well aswholesale purposes. So, if you’re a bar, restaurant, or café that wants to include a novel snack for your patrons, we have just the thing for you. Want some testimony from real businesses that tried and loved our pretzels? Then check out this high praise from Olive Fresh:

    "Our customers love these pretzels. Our favorites are the Stout and Beer Cheese. Our customer favorite is by far the Beer Cheese. We open a bag and let the customers sample and they fly off the shelf."

    We’re eager to help you experience the same delicious satisfaction they had. If you want to learn more about our products and services, feel free to contact us at any time.

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