March 16, 2022
Grab A Beer and Pretzels, It's National Beer Day!

Here it is again, National Beer Day! Some of us would prefer to commemorate this everyday, but temperance dictates otherwise. Boardwalk Food Company can think of no better way to celebrate this fun tradition, on April 7th, then to grab a beer and some of our beer-crafted pretzels to enjoy during a nice evening snacking […]

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March 7, 2022
The Origin of The Pretzel

Were you aware that according to Statistica, approximately 15.05 million Americans consumed six or more bags of pretzels in 2020? Pretzels are soft and salty delicious snacks that are often hard to resist.  Throughout the United States, you can find pretzels anywhere from movie theaters and supermarkets to sports stadiums and county fairs. Yet, what […]

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February 14, 2022
A Match Made In Heaven: Beer and Pretzels

If you’ve ever stopped by your favorite watering hole for a beverage or two, or at least watched a television program that takes place at a bar, you might have noticed an abundance of pretzels served alongside the sudsy beverages. In case you’ve ever wondered why we’ve decided to provide you with some answers.  Salt […]

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February 7, 2022
Buy The Best Beer Pretzels From Boardwalk Food Company

Welcome to Boardwalk Food Company on behalf of Kim, Andy, and our entire crew! If you love beer and pretzels, you’re in the right place because we offer both in a unique way you’ve probably never had. Our delicious service to you is our craft beer pretzel treats that are bound to become an instant favorite, the […]

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