Best Irish Beers To Pair With IPA Flavored Pretzels

By Boardwalk Food Company on September 15, 2022

One of the most common places to find delicious Boardwalk pretzels is in a bar or nightclub.

Why is that? Because although craft-beer-inspired pretzels are great for any snack purpose, they go best with drinking a nice beer. You can tell that much by checking out our flavors like Beer Cheese, IPA, and Pilsner. In this post, let’s examine which beers go best with the popular IPA flavor.

Best Irish Beers to Go Along with IPA Flavored Pretzels

So, truth be told, our beer pretzels go great with any beer style. However, we’ve experimented with this and realized that Irish IPA beers form the best pair with IPA pretzels. What else would you expect?

These are some solid (albeit rare) beers from that genre:

  • Bru Ri Irish Craft IPA - from Bru Brewery
    • Like other IPAs, this one melds together an excellent combination of floral scents and subtle bitterness. It has a solid 87% approval rating in the popular beer-rating website, BeerAdvocate.
  • Bristle IPA - from Bo Bristle Brewing Company
    • This one has more of a refreshing orange taste with a medley of other components such as cream and floral hops. It pours into a nice golden color, too.
  • McGargle’s Knock Knock Ned’s IPA - from Rye River Brewing Company
    • You probably don’t know what to expect from a name like that, but don’t worry, it won’t disappoint. Here you have a heavily malty, caramel-influenced beer with an alcohol content that’s strong but not overwhelming.
  • Black IPA - from Blacks of Kinsale
    • You don’t see as many dark IPAs, but this one’s black because of the toasted malt. That being said, it’s not one of those dark beers that packs an enormous 12% ABV. This drinkable IPA has a pretty mellow 5% alcohol content.

Of course, most of these are craft brews and imports that you’d have to order to get, but we thought it’d be fun to focus on rare gems within the IPA class. As always, drink responsibly and remember that beer, pretzels, and driving don’t mix.

Boardwalk Food Company makes the best bar snacks that belong in any reputable bar or tavern. Our IPA flavor is really popular and goes alongside many great beers, but don’t forget to look around at all our products, including Sweet and Spicy Sriracha. You’ll enjoy all of our packaging and shipping options for every pretzel flavor. Feel free to drop us an email anytime to learn more.

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