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Beer & Pretzels: Name a Better Duo, We’ll Wait.

By Boardwalk Food Company on March 20, 2023

There’s perhaps no duo more recognizable and iconic than that of pretzels and beer. Loved the world over, there’s a reason why we at Boardwalk Food Co. took the initiative to make craft-beer-inspired pretzels, much to the delight of our customers and clientele. But, if you need more proof of why this combination holds ground as the very best, then you’ll want to read on, and by the time you’re done, you’ll be downing this combination with vigor and gusto. 

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A Complimentary Combination 

Have you ever been curious about why you usually see pretzels at your local neighborhood bar? This all has to do with one of the main ingredients that accompany pretzels, sodium chloride, also known as salt. This chemical compound alters our brain chemistry and allows us to enjoy both the hop-heavy IPAs and domestic brands we enjoy so dear, thanks to its direct impact on our senses that identify the taste. 

They Both Have Holidays in Which They’re Honored 

When millions love something, there are usually days in which we take the time to recognize and honor them. And, as you might have guessed, beer and pretzels have their own respective holidays. And to illustrate how close these items are to one another, they occur during the same month. On April Seventh, we observe Beer Day. This is followed on April 26th as we celebrate National Pretzel Day. 

The Combination Contains Health Benefits 

Both beer and pretzels have some positive attributes regarding promoting a healthy lifestyle. Beer has been linked in various studies to the prevention of heart disease, Alzheimer's, and even Parkinson's. Pretzels, on the other hand, contain a significant amount of calcium and folic acid and are an excellent source of dietary fiber. 

A Lengthy Lineage 

Pretzels and Beer have been a winning combination for centuries. The first pretzels first began appearing in monasteries around 610 A.D. and beer was first brewed all the way back in 4000 BCE by the Sumerians who inhabited Mesopotamia. 

No Matter The Reason, Enjoy! 

At Boardwalk Food Co, we understand the impossibility of resisting the temptation of pretzels and beer. This is why we created craft-bee-inspired pretzels to give people the best of both worlds in one. If you’re interested in stocking your tavern or restaurant with our award-winning combinations, head on over to

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